Baum Hedlund Lawyers Drastically Improve the Life of a Severely Injured Chinese Lead Flight Attendant

Imagine being confined to a hospital bed with a feeding tube inserted through your abdomen into your stomach, through which you receive all your nutrition. You can't eat food because you can't swallow. You are severely brain damaged such that your mental capacity and ability to function is like that of a 6-year old child. But you are a 34-year old, attractive, Chinese woman, married with a child. You had an exciting career as a lead flight attendant on an international airline. You loved traveling and seeing the world. Add to this the fact that your doctors in Shanghai are giving you the grim prognosis that you will always require the feeding tube to stay alive, you will have to live in a hospital bed for the rest of your life, you won't be able to walk, and your brain injuries are permanent. This was the nightmare confronting Ms. Li Na Li, who was the lead flight attendant on China Eastern Airlines Flight 583 on April 6, 1993 as it was traveling from Shanghai to Los Angeles. Read the full story here