Japanese Investigation Reveals Battery Was Improperly Wired in Boeing 787

A probe conducted by Japan's Transport Ministry revealed that a lithium ion battery in a Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft had not been wired properly, contributing to an emergency landing in January at Tokyo's Narita Airport. Investigators arrived at this conclusion after noticing that rear and wing lights still flickered after the emergency landing, despite the fact that the main battery was switched off. Investigators believe this happened due to an abnormal current being emitted from an auxiliary battery.
The agency is still investigating what caused the main battery to start smoking, which is the main reason an All Nippon Airways plane was forced to make an emergency landing on January 16.

There have been a few instances involving battery problems on Boeing 787s recently, leading the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to ground the aircraft until the issues are resolved.
CBS News reports that both the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) and Japan's Transport Ministry are continuing their investigations into the Dreamliner battery issues.