Former Airline Captain Divulges Secrets Your Pilot Won’t Tell You

Our very own John Greaves, a former airline captain turned aviation attorney, was quoted in a rather hair-raising Reader’s Digest article entitled “50 secrets your pilot won’t tell you.” The article is the magazine’s November issue cover story and its contents are as eye-opening as the title implies. Reader’s Digest asked 17 pilots and ex-pilots to comment on their jobs, give readers some advice and offer a window into what goes on behind the cockpit door. Many of their candid remarks will surprise you.

Some tidbits are nice to hear. For example, the air circulating in the plane is much cleaner than you ever imagined. It is actually cleaner that the air circulating in many public buildings. Most information, however, is quite alarming. Some airports are a nightmare for even the most seasoned of pilots and you might end up 35,000 feet in the air, blissfully unaware that the plane you are in is flying 500 miles an hour on only one working engine. Yikes.

John divulged a few “secrets” himself. He had some words of advice for passengers who might not take the glowing seat belt sign seriously. “It’s one thing if the pilot puts the seat belt sign on for the passengers. But if he tells the flight attendants to sit down, you’d better listen. That means there’s some serious turbulence ahead,” John said. When asked about the cockpit, John said “Do pilots sleep in there? Definitely. Sometimes it’s just a ten-minute catnap, but it happens.”

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